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Customer projects


  • Conceptualizing and cration of individual websites
  • Maintenance of websites respectively help for self-help

Digitalization & Automatization

Automatization of work steps through scripts and macros


  • Datenanalysis in cases of legacies (data medium: image, text, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin)
  • Restoring of deleted documents

Programmed systems & Applications

  • Ticket system: in-house ticket systems to manage inter-divisional tasks
  • Lokal bio: a location based application to find close biologically healthy food
  • Ambler: a new way to discover the city! Ambler is an innovative tourist navigation that offers you a special way of geographical exploration. There are no common map designations but instead you will be provided with dynamic tags that mark the points of interest nearby.

API connection

We made several API connections in order to edit, save and visualize the data of cooperation partners.

Online Team – Kustomer cooperation

  • Cooperation via internet (remote work)
  • Common online data storage (cloud system)