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Judging System

We compared different judging systems and combined them to generate a system that is easy to use because of its user centred design and focus on usability. OnlineTeam is going to provide an even better version. All the feedback of testers of the first free version will be put together and lead to a new version - JudgingSystem 2.0!

Artist Agency

The artist agency is a platform with set cards of the best artists in the category dancers, singers, bands and more. Customers can book artists via our agency platform and OnlineTeam will get a provision for the arrangement.

There are more than 10.000 weddings, 450 public events (balls or traditional dance events) per year in Vienna. Also for touristic tours or birthday parties, organizers can book artists via our agency for entertainment.


WebinarToGo is a responsive webinar platform for all internet devices to learn new topics wherever the user is. After each session, users can make a test and get a certificate for the completed topic.


GiftCards are a new innovation of our company that will revolutionize the way to give presents to friends and family. Customers just scan the card they want to give and can define later which kind of gift voucher will be put on the card. This is the ideal last-minute present without any preparation. The receiver can check his present online by scanning the card with an app on his mobile.

TravelBook (in progress)

TravelBook is a new product to manage all adventures and trips. It is an easy way to store information, photos and facts and enables the users to access them quickly.