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We conceptualize, implement and manage your individual website.

We meet the individual demands and wishes of our clients and focus on a user-centered design of your web presence.

Media design

We are a specialist for professional editing of text, images, audio and video.


OnlineTeam provides services which are required for your internet presence:

  • Domain hosting: We register and operate your desired domain
  • Web hosting: On our server your website will be globally accessible. Our range of offers includes the simple accessibility of your website as well as the creation of data base structures and automated server script options.
  • eMail hosting: in combination with your own domain we can provide you with your own e-mail-service with your preferred mail address.
  • Server hosting: Leasing of servers including maintenance and backup service.
  • Data hosting: you will have access to your own cloud in order to ensure the safe storage of your digital content.

Data processing & storage

  • Application and efficient work with data base systems
  • Visualizing of data and information
  • Back-ups to ensure the safe storage of important data

Remote servicing and problem solution

We support our clients wherever they are when it is needed the most – in cases of urgent IT problems like data loss, computer virus etc.


We offer trainings in which we explain the handling of websites, computer programs as well as mobile devices or applications for all age groups.


Examples can be found in our category Projects.